Ownership change at Eden

When I started Eden 6 years ago, Pittsburgh wasn’t necessarily a health food haven. As someone who was raised cooking healthy her whole life, this made going out very limiting. So when I decided to start a fine dining restaurant my approach wasn’t going to put healthy food as a simple add-on. I wanted to put raw vegan in the forefront.

At first it was daunting. After a few months, Pittsburgh really started to respond. There was a lot more energy behind my idea than I expected. As Eden grew, it seemed Pittsburgh did too. I must say, I’m quite impressed with how much Pittsburgh has evolved when it comes to it’s appreciation for healthy cuisine.

After 6 years of starting and running this restaurant it’s time for me to move onto something new. Even though Eden will no longer offer my cuisine, the new owners have promised to present vegan and gluten free options. I look forward to see what they do with Eden in the future.

I want to thank you all for supporting me these past 6 years. I cannot express how much all of your support has meant to me. For instance, the emails from people who’ve never had an opportunity to eat a restaurant because of their allergies or dietary limitation. Or the write-ups and the positive messages that were written about Eden. Even just hearing that people had a good time. I honestly cannot thank you all enough.

It’s been quite an adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the future as I explore new opportunities.

If interested in what I'm up to, you can find me on instagram, twitter, or on my website.

Thank you again Pittsburgh,
Hilary Zozula